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Saturday, June 6, 2009

"Roxy", Black Lab, San Diego

Roxy is an all black, female Labrador. She was wearing a collar and tags and was microchipped when she escaped from the backyard of a dog sitter where she was staying for the weekend. Her housemate, Wiley, a male Weimarner, was also staying at the dog sitter, however, Wiley did not escape out the fence with Roxy.

There are two pet detectives in the LA/San Diego area. However, they were not available at the time to look for Roxy, so I agreed to drive down from Northern California to help. I drove down on a Thursday and stayed at a very nice hotel. I met the next morning with Roxy's two people. Roxy had been missing for two weeks by the time we started out search.

Day one search:

Dino immediately picked up Roxy's scent from the backyard and started up the street back toward the main busy street in the area. At the corner Dino made a right down the street and across a bridge and then he went down to a very large county park. This park has multiple lakes, both day and overnight RV campsites and large sports fields. On the borders of this park are a deep and wide creek that is fenced off and all very large open space known to have coyotes and other wildlife.

Roxy's track when from one end of the park, around a large pond with a lot of ducks and all the way down to the other side of the park. This led up through campsites, fishing holes, buildings, etc. At any point, we figured that Roxy would be picked up since she was so friendly, but the track indicated that she kept going and going through the park and then into the area that leads into the large open space.

Her track then left the park through a large padlocked gate. Me and Dino were small enough to fit through the small opening. However, one of Roxy's person's were not able to fit and the other person went back to the car to pick it up to meet us. This track led me and Dino around a very large reservoir, then doubled back and went around again back to the chain link gate. We walked a bit further down that fire road and then the track went off to the left and through a large metal back gate.

Day two search:
We started day two where we left off from day one. Dino picked up the track immediately and we went up a couple of streets and then came back. Dino indicated the track went into a large industrial yard. However, we were unable to get into the yard. I decided to see if Roxy's track led anyplace else. We did find her track up another street and then it led up into the open space hills. It was in this space that I saw the biggest and darkest coyote I have ever seen. I thought I was looking at a loose German Shepherd until I saw that it was a coyote. I was pretty scared about being that close. I had Dino with me and we were searching around for Roxy's track that seemed to go around and around and then finally led back toward the opening.

The track led up the hill and all around the hillside and then down and up and down and finally led out to the street. This took us another two hours, and then Roxy's person decided to stop the track. They said they would look for Roxy in the neighborhood that Roxy's track led into.

My highest probability what happened to Roxy is that she was picked up further along the track and taken in by somebody, even thought she had a collar, tag and a microchip.

(entered into lost pet questionnaire 3/18/10)