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Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Nugget", Male Fawn Pug, Folsom - Found!

Dear Jackie,

Thank you so very much for giving me hope and helping me find my pug, Nugget. It's amazing how your dogs can track the journey of a missing dog. I have to admit that I was skeptical that my pug could wander so far from home. But after learning of his journey from the people who ultimately picked him up, I BELIEVE! Your services are wonderful and it gave me the desire to not give up and keep looking for my pug. Thanks to you and your wonderful support I was able to locate where my pug was picked up. Here is our story:

We moved and the movers left the front gate open. My pug got out in the middle of the night and wandered about 3 miles or so from our new house. Jackie's dogs followed my pug's scent to a golf course. The scent seemed to disappear. Based on what we found out later, Nugget was picked up at the golf course by a young girl. The girl brought Nugget home and the family gave him to someone else about a half hour from our house. Luckily we put up very large signs (based on some other services I received) around town and within 11 hours I received a phone call from a state trooper saying he found our pug.
What a wonderful surprise and reunion we had!

Thank you so very much! You and your dogs are the BEST!

Attached is a photo of Nugget with the daughter.

All the best,

Dina and Nugget

Nugget is a five year old neutered fawn pug with a black mask. He was wearing a collar with tags and a microchip. His people were moving from one house to another on a Thursday evening and it was late at night around 10:30 PM when Nugget got out through an open gate in the side yard along with the two other dogs. The two other dogs came back shortly after, but Nugget did not. I did the search on Monday morning.

We picked up Nugget scent just outside the front of the house and it led down the street and through a wrought iron locked gate and onto a jogging/walking path. This path led into a neighborhood near his new house and then down into a creek area. We checked all around the creek area, up and down and side to side, but did not find any sign of Nugget. We decided to check some of the streets leading out from the creek in case he did walk away from the creek.

We did pick up his scent down and street and then out onto the mail blvd and then right up to another busy blvd. His scent went up the street and then backtracked down the hill and then crossed over into a large vacant open space where homes were planned to be built, maybe in better times. We went all through this huge open space and through two creeks, but no sign of Nugget other than his track. This track went back to the open space behind his house and then went back through the wrought iron gate he originally went through, running a half a block from his new house, which he did not know.

This track went back out to the first blvd and turned left this time and went down the blvd for miles. Eventually it crossed over the highway and turned into a golf course. The track went through the golf course and across multiple holes and eventually ending up at a swamp. It had been several hours and very hot and everybody was exhausted, including Dino, who I never see exhausted.

Nugget's person decided to call it for another day. She said she was unsure if she wanted to continue the search at another day. She said she would let me know. I heard back the next day that she did want to continue the search, however, I had already scheduled another search for the Sacramento area the next day. I said I could give her a call that evening depending on how late this search in Sacramento lasted for.

I received a call from her late that evening. She said she had talked to a person at the golf course and she was told that coyotes were known to visit the golf course. His person said that was enough for her to not continue a search. I reminded her of all the coyote locations we had tracked him through the day before and that he had walked through them. I suggested continuing the search because I thought he was still alive. She decided to not continue.

I received a call from Nugget's person two days later that Nugget had been found alive and well. She said that an on duty police officer from a nearby town said he saw her large fluorescent posters she had put up along a street in his town, and he remembered seeing a pug being walked by a couple previously. He went to those people and asked them if they had found the dog, and they said they had. He told them about the posters he had seen for a missing pug and that he was going to contact the owner. He did contact Nugget's person and she went to visit the dog and it was Nugget! These people said they were given the dog by a person in their neighborhood after that person found Nugget and could not keep him, which apparently was further along the track past the golf course. They said they had had Nugget since the previous Sunday, which meant that the track we followed of Nugget's was all the way up to at least Saturday, which meant all night Thursday, all day Friday, Friday evening and then Saturday.

The people who had Nugget (who had named him Dudley) said they had called their local shelter to ask if anybody was missing a pug, and they told him "no." That was as far as they took it. They never asked other shelters or filed a found report, put ads or posters anywhere or even checked for a microchip. They thought that since he was such a nice dog they were going to keep him.

(entered into lost pet questionnaire 8/3/10)