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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"Simba" and "Rowdy," Pomeranian X, Black Lab, Modesto

Simba is a blond Pomeranian mix and Rowdy is a large black Labrador. Simba is neutered and had a collar with tags and was microchipped. Rowdy is unneutered and wasn't wearing a collar nor was he microchipped. Both dogs escaped from their homes while in the backyard. Their people had gone to dinner at a nearby shopping mall to celebrate a birthday. When they got home they discovered both dogs were gone.

There were several sightings of the dogs over the next couple of days and the night of their disappearance. The sightings centered around the shopping center that their people had gone to for dinner. My guess is that Rowdy and Simba had tracked them to the shopping center. The husband confirmed with me that they had driven to the center with the windows down on the vehicle which would disperse their scent along the way. Somehow they would go to the center and then go some place else and then return to the center. Then all sightings stopped. I was called in approximately one week after their disappearance.

We started the track at one of the confirmed sightings, which was a neighborhood just on the other side of the shopping center. A man said the two dogs were outside in his front yard playing with his kids, and then they ran down the street.

Dino picked up their scent and headed down the street and then made a right at the end of the street. We headed down the street and then crossed a busy street and headed straight into a large orchard. We walked for over a half hour through this orchard following their track. We found ourselves at an vacant house on the property. We continued on the track on the property.

We literally traveled along for over an hour through various orchards following Simba and Rowdy's track and we never saw a human being. We came upon another vacant and fenced house. Here at another house we finally found a senior man working on his car. We showed him the poster and he said he never saw the dogs.

We continued along the track through another orchard. On the far side of that we came out to a house that had a woman with small kids. We showed her the flyer, but she never saw the dogs. We continued along a long road through another orchard and then found another house that was vacant, which was probably a weekend house. Across the street from that was another house that was lived in, but nobody was home. We knocked on the door and heard two dogs inside. Simba's person thought that one of the dogs sounded like Simba. We left a flyer and he said he would come back to this house to speak to them.

We continued on the track and went through another orchard. After this we came out to a canal that led us through various neighborhoods and then out onto a busy street with a lot of car dealerships. The track led us to the left and then all down the street, block after block after block.

Simba's and Rowdy's person decided to stop the search after three hours and continue on his own. At this point we guessed we were following only Rowdy due to the speed and distance of the track and that Simba stopped somewhere along the track or got picked up.

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