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Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Candy", White French Poodle, Oakland

Candy is a small white French Poodle who was visiting a relative in Oakland and escaped from the yard. She is four years old and wearing a collar with ID tags. She is not spayed nor is she wearing a microchip.

Me and Dino tracked this dog all over Oakland for over five hours through neighborhoods, shopping malls, railroad tracks, harbors, more neighborhoods. Everywhere. We were walking with the son of Candy's person. We were on her track still when Candy's person said she wanted to continue the track the following day since we were all very tired and hot. I did not receive a call back to my messages I left on their voicemails.

We think she may have been in a home for a couple of days and we think she may have been picked up and carried part of that way due to the change in track. She was spotted by a security guard at the Fruitvale shopping center several days after she was missing. This was along the track we were following her, yet we had only been tracking her for about an hour. I also think she had been in a home for a couple of days since Dino tracked her directly to the front door of a home. She may have escaped and then went to the Fruitvale center, which was just a block away.

(entered into lost pet questionnaire 5/10/10)