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Friday, June 26, 2009

"Elliott" DSH Grey/White Tabby, Hayward - Found

July 21, 2009 - Today I received an email from Elliot's person that Elliot's body was recently discovered in a neighbor's yard, and it appeared to have been there for about a week or two, based on the decomposition.

Elliot is an eleven year old, indoor/outdoor, neutered male, DSH grey tabby with white. He is not wearing a collar or tags, but he does have a microchip. He had recently started to have seizures. He had been missing for several days prior to me being called.

We started searching in Elliot's backyard and the yards adjacent to his house on both sides for two to three houses in both direction. These were known parts of his territory. What we also discovered later in the search was that his territory also extended several houses up the hill since a neighbor recognized the photo as Elliot regularly attending bowls of food the neighbor put out to feed cats. Elliot had obviously visited these yards since his scent was there, but Elliot was not there.

We continued the search down the street and found the scent go down the street and down a court with several houses. We found his scent to go into several houses and their yards. Most people were not home to physically search the yards, but Dino indicated that Elliot had gone up the driveway and walkways in the past. We just didn't know how recent the tracks were.

We continued the search down the street, but the scent did stop several houses down, at least on the street. We went across the street and Dino indicated that Elliot had been on that side in the past, but we don't know how recently. Dino did want to go down some of the walkways between the houses, which leads to a large canyon behind the houses. We attempted to contact several houses, but nobody was home. We went up the street to try to talk to people, but most people weren't home. This is where we found the man who recognized Elliot at the cat who visits his cat food bowls.

We then decided to visit the large open space behind Elliot's house. This space runs for miles in both directions up and down the canyon. We entered it from a driveway down on the court street. Dino indicated that Elliot had gone on these paths in the past, and Dino continued along the side of the hill and then went down into the canyon. Elliot's person decided to stop at this point because these paths go on for miles up and down the canyon. She said she would come back with her husband and walk these canyons, putting down their scent while walking and calling for Elliot.

My two best guesses are 1) Elliot has gone outside his established territory and lost his way or 2) He has gotten stuck somewhere in a garage or shed.

Both is these can be worked on by continuing to distribute flyers and talk to their neighbors up and down the street and local court in case they see Elliot. Also have them check their garages and backyard sheds. I suggested they put up large fluorescent posters coming and going from their small neighborhood.