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Friday, June 26, 2009

"Cesear", DLH, Orange Tabby, Fremont - Found!

I did not assist on a search with Cesear because he came back prior to the scheduled appointment. I did speak with Cesear's person several times to help her bring Cesear home.

Cesear is a seven year old, indoor only, DLH orange tabby. He has a collar with a tag, but he did not have a microchip. He had been seen in the area, so I recommended putting out some food and a trap at her home to draw Cesear back to the house. I also had her walk around in the area to call him and put out her scent in the area to draw him back to the house. Within 24 hours Cesear returned to his home and was safe back inside.

(Entered into lost pet questionnaire 4/7/11)