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Monday, June 22, 2009

"Taco", Chihuahua/Terrier mix, Oakland - Found!

Taco is a small white Chihuahua/Terrier mix who was attacked by three pit bulls in his own yard while his person was holding him. The pit bulls belonged to another tenant also living in a building on the same property. The pit bulls got loose from the apartment and jumped up at Taco. This caused Taco's person to drop him. Taco's person tried to break up the attack and was bit herself on the hand by one of the dogs. As Taco's person was trying to get the dogs off Taco and back into their house, Taco ran off somewhere. The pit bulls person came out and got all the dogs back into the apartment, but Taco could not be found anywhere on the property.

I received a call from Taco's person late one night. I was already in San Francisco just finishing up a call and getting something to eat. She told me what had happened and I said I would come straight over from San Francisco.

I arrived around 11PM. We immediately started to search the entire property where Taco lives. There are several residential units and gardens. The fencing in and around the property was in great shape and very secure. Even a small dog like Taco could not have found a hole anywhere to escape from. There were several buildings that had crawl and nook spaces underneath, and we checked those thoroughly and did not find Taco. After checking the entire property we decided that Taco was not on the property. We did find some blood that did appear to be Taco's since it led from the scene of the attack and down some stairs. Based on the direction of the path that Taco appeared to have taken after the attack, it appeared that Taco would have attempted to go to the back of the property along the driveway, but that fencing was very secure and high and did not have any holes anywhere. If he had hit that fence and still needed to escape, he would have to turn around and go another way. This would have led him down the direction of the driveway and out onto the street. The property was securely fenced to halfway down the driveway. We decided to start the search for Taco outside the property.

We searched the driveway and found a track leading down and to the right. This track led us all over the neighborhood and beyond for over an hour. Both of us were surprised that an injured dog would be able to travel so far and so extensively. At around 2 AM, both of us exhausted, we decided to call the search and continue it the next day if necessary. Taco's person said she would call me the next day to let me know.

The next day I got a call from Taco's person that Taco showed up at her front porch that afternoon totally uninjured and fine! She said she would take him to the vet to double check everything was fine.

(entered into lost pet questionnaire 1/26/11)